Thursday, December 6, 2012

Almost Two Years

It's almost two years since I last posted! I started this blog wanting to put my thoughts out into the world and give my mind some room to "run." I needed a place to reflect on life and hold myself accountable. Well, life got in the way... so here is what happened. The day after my last post, I took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE! I was so excited. We were trying for over a year. I already had an appointment with the OB/GYN to test for "problems" because that is what she said they do after a couple tries for a year - even if they have previously conceived (and as you can see from my earlier posts, I have a toddler). I loved this OB/GYN practice. They were awesome when I was pregnant with my son and I had continue to see them for annual visits. So, I took my excited self to my trusty OB/GYN only to have one of the doctors who I had never seen before (big practice, lots of docs) tell me that I am probably having a missed-miscarriage because ultrasound didn't show a viable pregnancy. He was telling me this as he was holding me under my arm and escorting me out of the practice. I cried all the way to work and my amazing colleague told me to get a second opinion ASAP and gave me the number of her doc who saw me the next day. He assured me that no one can diagnosis a missed-miscarriage and that there is indication of a viable pregnancy and to just wait. To fast-forward, the pregnancy was viable and my daughter just turned 1 a few months ago! My heart goes out to all the women (and men) who have miscarried and lost sweet little angels. The 2 weeks in between my follow up and getting to a point where they could actually see a viable pregnancy were pure agony. Children are amazing, but they are little time suckers! Hence, the year in blog hiatus. I've been consistently running since I got the "all clear" at 6 weeks postpartum. I've even improved my speed to 11:45 minute/mile. I also joined Weight Watchers in September and it is freaking awesome! I am now the lightest and healthiest I've ever been in my adult life! Since September, I have lost 15lbs. I'm going to start posting more on here about WW and get some pics up of my recipes. So, that is the update for now. As we are nearing another New Year's, how would your year-in-review look? As you reflect on 2012, what are you most proud of and what would you have rather not gone through?


  1. Thanks for the comment on my post :)

    I cannot imagine being in your shoes and being told you horrible! So glad it came out with a good outcome.

    We seem to have alot in common! My little girl turned one today.
    Which half are you doing in April?

    1. :) The Unite in NJ: on April 21. How about you? Which one are you running?

      I've been inspired by your story. It's great to see a mom who can make it work. For so long, I kept thinking "it's too hard" but finding stories like yours is inspirational!

    2. ehhhhh I still have a long ways to go :) I still cant fit into my prebaby clothes and she just turned one! My issues isnt running or the gym (that is how I stay sane!) My issues are food... big time!

      Im trying to do a race each month in different distances. My half will be April 28th in Columbia, MD. We should follow each others training :) In june Im tackling the tough mudder!

    3. I hear you with the food. I was struggling with the same. I joined Weight Watchers a week before my daughter turned 1 in September. I've lost 15lbs in 3 months! I'm really loving the program.

      I like that running different distances each month! I'm going to research in my area.I'm in central Jersey - not too too far from you. Do you mind sharing your1/2 marathon training with me? I ran a 1/2 back in April 2006 but can't find a training plan this time. Tough murder?!?! you are my hero! when and where?

  2. Tough mudder is June 1st in Virginia beach... have a group of all women :) Its a group I put together from different areas of my life - work, a running buddy and my best friend from high school.... no one knows each other yet but by the time we do this it will be interesting to see how close they are completing this together! Interested? :)

    Before I followed the 1/2 training online from Hal. This time around Im going to follow the plan for train like a mother. If you havent read that book its a must read!
    Here is the plan

    1. I just asked my husband if he would do the tough mudder with me in June in VA beach. He declined, but said it would be a fun trip. Hopefully, we can make it! How do you even begin to train for a tough mudder?

      Thanks for the link! I will definitely read. I put in 4 miles today - aiming for 3 tomorrow and 8 on Sunday. How are you doing?